Emergency Lighting Inverter · Power Service

One reliable destination for emergency lighting solutions: “Crucial Power Products”

The central lighting system has emerged immensely in order to provide isolated and clean power to the platforms. It works best for hotels, businesses, schools and other platforms. The central lighting inverters provide an efficient and reliable battery backup system for all lighting loads. However, if you are also looking for professional lighting systems and products then you can end your search at us. You are highly welcome to “Crucial Power Products”, a reliable place for engineering and manufacturing central lighting inverters.

Founded in 1997, we provide the products that are fully certified to ISO-9001 standards to assure you the highest quality and performance. The administrative facility houses are comprised of truly experienced engineering, accounting, sales, technical and customer service staff. With the help of the technology, the products hold some advantages, such as:

  • Double conversion or fast transfer of power,
  • Compatible with LED and HID lamps,
  • Small footprint,
  • Sealed maintenance and
  • Advanced self-testing and monitoring systems.

Therefore, the company offers their service and products in all over US and deliverLighting Inverter solution to many platforms suchlike:schools &universities, retail stores, movie theatres, hospitals, restaurants,banks, hotels & motels, office buildings, and so on. Our products are made up to the maximum quality standards, modest pricing and top-notch service.Thus, our company offers several products such aslite wave, econosine, wave rider, OSHPD wave rider, HEU and monitoring system.

Emergency inverter generator

Whereas, the Emergency Lighting Inverter offer comprehensive system defense, monitoring, and manageability, which guarantees maximum up time and reliability. It works best for the outside and antagonisticatmosphereinverter constructed for remote, vandal-prone, and severe weather settings. Some of its extraordinary features are: it has 1-year warranty, automatic monthly and annual self-testing, optional SNMP/Web card and many more.For more information gathering, please visit our website or call us and our representatives will be happy to assist you.


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